EBB TIDE: The Synopsis

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Imagine the world ended while you were at sea.

A two week passage turns into a journey into an unknown future when a virulent plague wipes out humanity. Where would you go? How would you survive? 

And what would happen to your children?

Thirteen years after the Great Dying, a vicious plague that wiped out 99% of humanity, Matai is the last surviving member of a famous cruising family. Alone, she sails her yacht Voodoo through a shattered world. Battling the elements and vicious survivors, she struggles to keep the failing systems of her boat – her home – going.

She uses every ounce of ingenuity and knowledge gleaned from her passed parents to repair failing electrics and perform the day to day maintenance necessary to stay afloat. She has become a scavenger by necessity; searching deadly shipwrecks for anything that can keep her alive – or that she can trade with other survivors.

For the isolated islands of the Pacific are now the last scattered bastions of humanity. And it is on these islands that Matai will face her greatest challenge yet – one that may spell the final end for the human race.

Note: I’m posting chapters of EBB TIDE as I write them – so they’re be typos and errors that a full edit will later clean up. I just ask that you bear with me and enjoy the process of seeing a book be written – plus who knows, this might actually go somewhere if enough people like it! So please share it with your friends and invite other readers to follow this page. 

Click here to read CHAPTER 1

7 thoughts on “EBB TIDE: The Synopsis

  1. Lisa D.

    I really enjoyed the read…and i am hooked! You are a very gifted writer.
    Thank you for allowing us to feel part of a the process. I would love to read more…


    1. jasekovacs

      Thanks Lisa! Its awesome for me that new people are reading this story. I’ll be posting new chapters when I get internet coverage – you can either subscribe or get follow the blog to be updated.


    1. jasekovacs

      Glad to hear you enjoyed it Linda! There should be a link at the bottom of each page, going to the next chapter. Or you can click ALL CHAPTERS in the main navigation menu to get an index of each one. I’ll be publishing EBB TIDE as an ebook when its complete.


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  3. Wow – I’m seriously impressed! NaNo is hard enough as it is (I failed miserably last year) without the pressure of publishing each day’s output for everyone to see in real time. I’m really looking forward to reading along. The premise sounds fascinating. All the best for the delivery. We used to live in New Zealand and bought our first boat there. Amazing cruising grounds.


    1. jasekovacs

      Thanks Ellen! Believe it or not, publishing each day helps keep me motivated – its exciting seeing people enjoying the story and commenting as it develops.


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